About the Authors

Heather Clark grew up on a small farm in Michigan where she spent her time playing outdoors, fishing with her father, and playing with the farm animals. Since leaving for college she still enjoys reading, her pet animals, and talking to the voices in her head (aka writing). She is currently pursuing a degree in Communications and hopes to become either a newspaper reporter or a sign language interpreter. She also hopes to pursue her passion for ending all forms of human trafficking.

Lily O’Connor, also from a small¬†Michigan town, met Heather at college where she was studying Psychology, as a blind roommate assignment. They’re still going strong, and Lily keeps heather (mostly) sane while she’s juggling her classes and writing projects. Lily is an avid reader as well, and enjoys inventing stories in her head more than writing them down, which is what Heather is for.

This is their first book collaboration.