Elizabeth Spaulding

Elizabeth Spaulding was born in the Red Sector. Her mother stayed at home caring for Liz and her four siblings. Liz was the eldest of them so she was expected to help with them as soon as she got old enough. Her mother took in seamstress work then to supplement her husband’s job as a city contractor, working on the sewer and flood control infrastructure.

Mr. Spaulding had several affairs with various Mixed escorts, and his wife was furious about each of them. She took her frustration out not on her potentially physically violent spouse, but by ranting to her daughter. Liz was raised with the mantra that the Mixed were lowlife opportunists, not true humans, and that they used their differences to con people. This became Liz’s own belief, her way of convincing herself, like her mother had, that her father’s affairs did not mean he loved his human family less.

From an early age, Liz was driven and opportunistic. She disliked running a household and caring for her three brothers and sister, and determined to be a career woman, never a passive housewife. She involved herself in every activity in her school or neighborhood that advanced her prospects of attending the Academy, and graduated with the third highest grades in the Red for her year.

Spaulding was accepted to the Academy and completed her education in record time. Her first posting was with the Patrols, but when the sub-Director of Reconditioning unexpectedly died in a wagon accident, she saw her chance to move up ranks fast. She was already proving herself as a dedicated and resourceful officer, and against all odds she gained the position. Reconditioning was a gamble, as it was an extremely unpopular department that everyone expected would die out with Ross. Spaulding hoped that if she was able to reform it, she would be finally recognized as the capable, confident, and decisive leader she felt Dalton needed.

She began compiling ideas of reforms in her years as sub-Director, and even convinced Ross to implement a few minor ones. As soon as he died, however, she began her full-scale reconstruction of the department. The years of running a large household on a small budget served her well then, as she was able to keep the department solvent even while implementing expensive changes like the security cameras. She used old contacts, some less reputable than the Citadel would approve above board, as suppliers.

Spaulding is a model Dalton citizen. Fiercely practical and clinging to an ideal of human superiority, she much resembles John Howard’s attitude and is extremely popular with the human population, or at least those who do not support the Mixed rights. Even some Mixeds feel she is beneficial, after her reforms to Reconditioning. She has gained much support in the council with her efficiency and her ability to charm people even though she is often blunt. She comes across as honest and direct, and many people appreciate that when many of the other Council members are engaged in political doublespeak and sometimes even massive cover-ups.

Her practicality extends to her illegal actions as well. Her methods of blackmail often trap the person who is involved by creating a situation in which if they report the crime they and others close to them will also be implicated. Her threats to Johnson and the Callaghans are evidence of this. When she confronts Johnson, she needs no more than the interview transcripts to convince him to assist her, and she does no further investigation into who the child mentioned was. She wastes no time on solidifying an already firm hold; she has many ore important things to concern her. The same is true in the Callaghan case. As soon as she can have the family pride and Tess‘s future attacked by revealing what they claim Alex is, she ignores any further interest in him. She has what she wants and doesn’t need to go further. She is efficient, but not always thorough.


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