Street Fighters

Roof runners own the top of the Blue, but the streets are home to a similar network of children and young adults, the street fighters. Each gang, similar to the roof runner teams, has its own codes of conduct under a set of overarching rules that all teams competing in the street tournaments follow. Kills are never legal except in fights that are clearly agreed upon by both participants as a battle to death. These are very rare and are often fought over territory only. No outside weapons can be brought in, but in most fights it is legal to use things like dirt or debris from the ground. These fights grew out of the Blue residents’ need for self defense skills, and generally teach young Mixed how to hold their own in real life and death struggles, which are all too common.

Special skills possessed by varying types of Mixeds are allowed to be used. Some fights regulate that only skills like agility can be used, and no offensive skills such as clawing, kicking, or biting are allowed. Others specify that use of a special attribute cannot draw blood, or cause permanent injury. There are a few underground fights where none of these rules apply and the competition is a free for all.

Some unusual contestants win these competitions. Cattle Mixeds can simply outlast or outback opponents, and sometimes the champion of a street block will be the gentle eyed bovine who was only trying to keep his home and family safe from gang violence. One story that continues to make the rounds of the Blue is of the Jersey cow mother whose son was threatened by a fight gang on the way home from school. They kept goading him to fight or they would kill him, so she stepped up and asked to fight in his place. She took on the bear-Mixed leader and laid him out flat with one good kick. From then on she was known as the boss of that block, the gang violence dropped in her neighborhood to almost nothing, and people stopped worrying about their children being assaulted on the way to school.

Other unlikely winners have been an armadillo, several kinds of bird Mixeds (usually in fights where use of their claws as weapons is allowed), a giraffe, and a goat. More typical champions are bears, feline types, Doberman, German Shepherd, and Mastiff dogs, wolves, horses (legendary for kicks and agility), and snakes.

The fights are technically illegal, but they are such an ingrained part of life in the Blue that many Patrols allow them to continue and turn a blind eye. Some will even place bets on the outcome of a fight like the locals. Many of the larger fights are occasions for bored residents to wager some produce or even Credits on the small amount of excitement in their life. Winners of the fights take a portion of the betting pool, and many fighters are in the contests not for the thrill but for the payment, sometimes the only breadwinner in a family.



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