The Raven

Kara’s bar, The Raven’s Wing, is the favorite meeting spot for Anja and her friends. The bar is a refurbished building, which was a bar before the war and then fell into disrepair. A severe storm in the winter of 2055 caved the roof in and damaged parts of the walls. it remained that way for three years until Kara’s father, looking for a home for his expanding family, bought the broken down building at a bargain price.

Kara’s father removed what was left of the old roof, and rebuilt the walls from the broken points up with plastered laths, while the lower parts of the building are brick. He laid beams and installed a flat roof with a garden and a small shed for vegetable and tool storage on the roof. In 2067 he added a wing on the side after buying the property next to the building, since the bar had earned him a good deal of money. This wing was divided into eight rooms that served as a small hotel.

When Kara’s father died in 2070 Kara took over the business. She continued her father’s tradition of offering cheap or free food to those who couldn’t afford larger prices, and of using the hotel side as an overnight shelter for homeless. Despite these business practices, Kara’s bar has continued to thrive, for two reasons. Former homeless or jobless people she’s taken in she also helps find work, and they are often so grateful that they insist on paying her back more than she gave them. The other reason is that she deals in black market medicines and other goods that are only available from other Sectors. She trades with the roof runners, especially Rae, in exchange for food and accommodations.

The Raven, due to its cobbled together rebuilding, constantly appears to be on the verge of collapse. The plaster walls crack where they meet the brick. and are shored up with timbers on the inside. The front balcony, one of Kara’s father’s projects, is rotting away from the building and the support posts are cracking. Kara is continually fixing it or asking one of the customers to help her with it. Most of her customers will joke that the place has as much character as its owner.

Kara lives now in the back part of the hotel portion of her business, and the old room she had in the actual bar is now used as a pantry and storage room. She keeps supplies for the bar there but also allows Anj to use it to store things for rallies, and it can also in case of emergency serve as a place to hide someone from a Patrol.

(all images created in Sketchup program)


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