Mixed Species

  • Armadillo-(natural armor)-military and police
  • Bear-(strength, shock value)-military and police
  • Bonobo-(similarity to humans)-lab testing and military
  • Cat-(agility, alertness, independent nature)-military espionage and escorts
  • Chameleon-(changing skin color)-military espionage and police undercover work
  • Cheetah-(speed)-police
  • Chimpanzee-(Similarity to humans)-military and experimental-first experimental species created
  • Cockatoo-(appearance)-produced by disreputable labs as escorts
  • Cougar-(agility, fight advantage)-military
  • Cow-milk varieties, mainly Jersey (docility, ability to foster raise)-mainly the nursing mothers in the Mixed creation facilities and some heavy labor
  • Deer-(agility and grace, docility)-service sector
  • Dog-Bulldog-(strength, tenacity)- police and heavy labor
  • Dog-Doberman-(intelligence, athleticism) military and police
  • Dog-German Shepherd-(intelligence, ability to be trained)-police and military
  • Dog-Golden Retriever-(rescue training, good with people)-service sector and police
  • Dog-Mastiff-(strength, tenacity)-police and military
  • Dolphin-(agility in water, intelligence)-military water operations
  • Eagle-Bald and Golden-(vision, strength)-military and police
  • Elephant-(strength, longevity)-heavy labor
  • Falcon-Peregrine-(vision and speed)-military and police
  • Ferret-(ferocity, smaller size)-military espionage, city infrastructure underground workers
  • Fox-(appearance)-produced as Escorts
  • Gecko-(sticky fingers)-espionage
  • Giraffe-(appearance)-produced by disreputable labs as escorts
  • Goat-(agility, surefootedness, hardiness)-military operations in rough terrain or harsh conditions
  • Gorilla-(similarity to humans, strength)-lab testing and military
  • Horse-Arabian-(intelligence, grace, endurance)-military and escort
  • Horse-Belgian-(strength, docility)-heavy labor
  • Horse-Clydesdale (strength, docility)-heavy labor
  • Horse-Thoroughbred (heart and lung capacity, speed)-police
  • Leopard-(fight advantage, agility)- military, police, and escort
  • Lion-(fight advantage, shock and awe value) -military and escort
  • Mandrill-(similarity to humans, fierceness)-lab and military
  • Mockingbird-(ability to learn and imitate speech)-espionage and police multilingual units
  • Orangutan-(similarity to humans, agility)-military
  • Pangolin-(natural armor)-military and police
  • Parrot-(appearance and word recall)-first as police and military undercover agents, then escorts-the original bird escorts
  • Peacock-(appearance)-produced by disreputable labs as escorts
  • Pig-(early experimental, human similarity)-most were only lab tests, a few are police workers because of advanced sense of smell
  • Porcupine-(fight value)-military
  • Rat-(early experimental, smaller size)-Few still exist because they were an early operation and mostly died in the labs being used as test subjects
  • Raven-(intelligence)-police and escorts
  • Snake-Rattlesnake and cobra-(venomous spit)-Military
  • Tiger-(fight advantages, shock and awe factor)-military and police
  • Uakari-(similarity to humans, skin transparency)-lab testing
  • Wolf-(pack mentality, strength)-military

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