Education in Dalton

The education system created by the Citadel is specific to each sector, with a school in every sector, with the Blue served by several smaller schools. These are run not by university-trained teachers but by volunteers, sometimes teachers in training. These are unpaid positions.

Teaching students vie for the White and Gold Sector schools in the exams in their last year of university. These schools are the best to work in since they are in safe and affluent neighborhoods. Working in the Green and Red is more dangerous, since the students are rowdier and sometimes violent. In the Red especially there are cases of assault where several students will gang up on a teacher and beat them, for small affronts such as being told to be quiet, or being graded poorly on assignments. Three teachers have died from these incidents.

The schools were instigated in 2042, when it was discovered that allowing parents to educate their children at home led to some young people questioning the Citadel practices. Many parents still taught history that took into account much of the outside world, and also that included revolts by people against controlling governments like the Citadel. Many arrests were made, of both the young people and their families, but the amount of people who had to be locked up was more than expected. The workforce suffered, and Citadel officials worried that the cycle might simply continue if people were allowed to take charge of their own children’s education.

The Department of Education was formed in May 2042 and immediately set about standardizing the school systems. Two public schools were already operating and had been educating many children who were not taught at home, but they too still taught from the pre-War curriculum. There had been no updates since the Year of Destruction. The Citadel created Sector-specific textbooks, which were written by a committee who decided what details of the former world to include and which to leave out. The new books were printed only for teachers to use, and students were initially only lectured to, and took notes.

These books have since been updated each year by the Department of Education, and as the surplus old books piled up, these were given to students. Students are allowed to keep their books for the class time, then they are returned to the teacher to be given to the next class. Thus it is possible for the students to be reading from both the fifth and twelfth editions and more in the same class, since they are not allowed to claim a specific book for the entire semester. However, most alterations are minor and mention current events, so the students’ education is not seriously impeded.

The Foundation schools in the Blue are small and cramped, and only about 20 percent of the Mixed population actually attends them. Many Mixed who have wild animal genetics are uncomfortable in the crowded, dark rooms and feel caged. Smaller Mixed are bullied by larger and predatory types as well. The only real reason for a Mixed to finish their entire education is that they plan on becoming a Patrol, and to enter the Academy they need to have a full education. There were no textbooks written for the Blue, but there is a set of guiding principles each volunteer must pledge to follow.

  1. I will treat the students as animals who must be trained by rote, repetition, and if necessary, punishment. They have no real intelligence
  2. I will teach the original development of the Mixed as military force enhancements, and thus property of the government.
  3. I will not allow Mixed to debate their position in society.
  4. Any student who is suspected of being involved in protests is to be watched. This list is available through the Department of Law Enforcement.
  5. I will never teach Mixed about any of the fabled historic revolutions in our former nation or in others.
  6. If a Mixed arrives in class carrying a book or references one, they are to be punished and the book is to be taken away, if it is any one on the Restricted or Banned List. There are more books that the Mixed are not allowed than the humans, so memorize both lists. They are available through the Department of Education.



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