Dalton Departments and Sectors

Dalton Departments

  • Agriculture
  • Credit System
  • Courts (more or less department has absorbed into law but there is still a separate Director)
  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Expansion (new construction)
  • External Relations (doesn’t do much until the rail riders come)
  • Research
  • Health Services
  • Human Labor
  • Law Enforcement
  • Manufacturing
  • Mixed Affairs (Laws and regulations regarding Mixeds, oversees sale houses and such)
  • Reconditioning
  • Reconstruction
  • Records
  • Residency (Census patrols and sector assigning)
  • Resources (mining, forest, water)
  • Social Structure (Marriage and such)
  • Technology (recent addition)
  • Transportation
  • Water Supply (Now defunct but basically a placeholder)

Sectors of Dalton


Sectors as they would appear in a plotting map of the city

  • Blue-the official Mixed residence sector (area to the west of the ridge dividing the city area)
    • Former slum district from the wartime
    • Only place for free Mixeds to live
  • Grey-manufacturing and production, where most work happens (Northeast city area near main highway intersections)
    • No residential areas
    • Factories, most of the in-city food production is here as well
  • Red-Residential lowest class with humans (North of the business line of I-90)
  • Green-Middle class humans (southern parts of the city)
  • White-Middle to upper class humans (Rapid Valley area)
  • Gold-Highest class humans (South of Rapid Valley)
  • Black-Administration and government programs, main hospitals and main department offices (central city area south of I-90)
    • Departments have subsidiary offices in all sectors (ie. Patrol stations, Clinics)

Population of Dalton 2100 census

35,678 total

25,242 human

11436 Mixed

Gold Sector-1093 human, 2147 Mixed

White Sector-3561 human, 2598 Mixed

Green Sector-12852 human

Red Sector-7736 human

Blue-6691 Mixed

The actual lived in areas of the Sectors are as shown.

Capture map.png update

Dark blue areas indicate reservoir and flooding control locations where there are no permanent housing areas.





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